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Alexander lessons have been a crucial part of my development as a professional singer, providing an all round flexibility, awareness and peace of mind. It has been helpful for my breathing and alignment in such a way that the vocal mechanism can function more easily.
After a lesson I have wonderful clarity with an open mind and my creative spirit gets released - I wouldn't be without it.
Korina has a powerful touch and is a joy to work with.
Adrian Ward, professional opera singer/teacher

The Alexander Technique is an absolute life-line for me, a pathway has opened up in which I feel quite empowered to tackle an illness… I want to thank you for what you’ve done because it has made a lot of difference to my life and I do think it’s enriching me in ways beyond just an improved back. I do feel that I’m seeing myself and the ways in which I’m inhabiting the world in a different way.
Cathy Fry, osteoporosis sufferer

The depth of Korina’s sensitivity to who she is working with combined with her interesting perceptive skills, great intuition and holistic knowledge about the body system provide a wonderful, gentle and subtle springboard from which after working with her healing can continue following its natural course.
When she takes me through Alexander work I have total trust in her and her abilities. I highly recommend her.
Jo Shapland, dancer/artist/director

A friend recommended trying the Alexander Technique and I have never looked back. I realised after a few months that I had stopped telling people that I had a bad back at all. Then I began to notice a real difference in my dancing – my quality of movement had really improved, I was delighted!
Korina is an excellent Alexander Teacher, she is kind and gentle with a sense of lightness and fun about her. She is also really down to earth. As well as Alexander technique she has a background in physical theatre and dance, so she really understands my needs as a dancer and performer. I often ask her how I can improve my dance technique, especially if I am stuck with a particular move, or if I find a movement is causing my body to strain. Even if she cannot do the movement herself, she is always able to help me find the movement using Alexander Technique - even if my own dance instructor can’t.
Tara Dakini, belly dance teacher / performer

I started seeing Korina as I had constant pain in my right shoulder and neck. I had tried various things in attempt to elevate the pain but Korina helped me understand the pain I had was due to my poor posture.
I have been simply amazed with how much Korina has helped me.
I have been able to adapt what I have learnt from Korina to every aspect if my life - walking, sitting, standing, lying down, walking up steps... everything. What is really beneficial about the work Korina has done with me is the simple reminders I can now give to myself so I can avoid poor posture - I feel I have a better understanding how my body and spine work now and I am consequently comfortable in the first time in months.
Thanks so much Korina - your help was worth every penny.
Helen Washington, social worker

I always feel much taller, bouncier, happier, and calmer when I leave a lesson!
It makes me take time out in a stressful teaching day to look after my body, and makes me slow down in a good way. KA

I'm a swimming teacher and it helps me to swim in a more meaningful and effortless way, as well as helping me on a personal basis. PG

It gives a few moments of this busy world, to ME.
It helps me to take care of myself and be respectful of my body. I am now more mindful of my posture. DP

I work at a computer for many hours each working day. AT helps me maintain balance and posture, and to gradually unlearn bad habits. (I used to wear holes in my shirts where I would lean on my left elbow all day long.) It also helps me avoid injury when swimming and running. I also appreciate very much the peace and relaxation that an AT lesson brings. ML

People say I look taller than I actually am, and I now look more toned around my middle.
I'm a nurse and now have much less day-to-day tension in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. MP

I like AT because it is deliciously simple and the only thing in my life that I get more out of the less effort I put into it!
I have lessons because it works and without them I find I return more readily to less appropriate ways of moving. AF

My speech therapist recommended The Alexander Technique for my problem with recurrent hoarseness every 6 weeks. Now having lessons I have only become hoarse once in the last 6 months. BP

However frazzled I feel when I come in I always leave feeling relaxed. SC

Relaxing, rejuvenating, revitalising, and a sense of well-being! KT
I'm a pilates teacher and I really do think that the Alexander Technique has improved and complimented my pilates. NW

It has opened up a new kind of physical awareness in a very positive way. I now get far less neck and shoulder pain. PJ

I have Multiple Sclerosis and AT definitely helps. JC

The biggest benefit has been becoming more aware of my body and the way I move, and how that in turn affects the way I think. I do now actually take the time to stop and think first!
My chronic daily headaches are only occasional now and I'm off all medication.
It has started me on a self-awareness process, which is really fantastic and gives me hope for the future. JD

I've got cerebral palsy and the relaxation is very important to me.
It reminds me that I can stand up straight and lengthen my limbs and myself! CA

For the last 30 years I've had constant lower back pain. I've tried absolutely everything you can think of and this has been the only thing that has helped me.
It feels like my back is like a concertina and the lessons help me to spring apart again! BW

I used to have chronic tennis elbow, which since I started having lessons hasn't re-occurred.
It's become a really important part of my life, not only physically but also psychologically as I see just how the two are linked.
It really helps with stress management. RJ

I had back pain for a very long time, and would not be able to sit in a chair for very long. Now since having lessons I have little back pain and can easily sit for long periods of time. H

I've got osteoporosis and it has helped so much with the pain and with my posture.
I am aware now of how I am moving and sitting and can change it for the better and free a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders.
I am able to walk and stand for considerably longer than I used to a year ago! RH

I don't go to the osteopath now as I've found this to be the only thing that works consistently for neck and shoulder pain. LM

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