The Alexander Technique is suitable for a wide range of people and ages.
Lessons can be taken to ease the most incapacitating of conditions or to enhance performance at the highest level.

Through explanation and a gentle guiding touch, an Alexander teacher encourages a greater state of ease, poise, and freedom in breathing and in movement.

One is guided into letting go of unhelpful postural and movement habits.

Self-awareness develops and one learns the skills to continue the positive changes that occur within the sessions.

Lessons are one-to-one to address individual needs, and are 40 minutes in duration.

The number of lessons required depends on the individual.

Most of Korina’s clients say that the experience of a session is one of getting taller and lighter, an easing up of tension, breathing freeing up, and a reduction of pain.

“I always feel much taller, bouncier, happier, and calmer when I leave a lesson!” KA, Secondary school teacher

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